My name is Dan Malin and I am petrified of open water. Can't stand it, anything could be down there, definite risk of drowning, simply can't understand people that jump into it for fun.

So, on a holiday to iceland in 2017, my better half and I decided we were going whale-watching to cure me of my phobia and take advantage of this incredible opportunity to see some of the most beautiful creatures on earth in their natural habitat.

I stood there for 4 hours in the freezing cold on the choppiest waters known to man, literally ripping through a pair of mittens while grabbing the handrail for dear life and do you know what?

I saw whales, dolphins, more seabirds than i needed to, another boat full of calmer people and made memories that i'll treasure forever.

None of which would have happened if i'd not forced myself to do it.

Three months later, i started my own business - and it was scarier in ways I didn't even know existed but you're here looking at whether I can help so you already know what that feels like and just how utterly amazing it is too.

I've been getting paid to raise awareness of businesses and charities through social media since 2013, however I've been a master of it since the days of choosing a profile song on MySpace and using Bebo as a way of speaking to girls without having to make any eye contact.

The impact made on our personal and professional lives by social media in the last 10 years has been unlike anything that we as a global community have ever seen.

The reason I help people to use it better is because I'm a firm believer in that global community and, frankly, there's no reason not to.

Millions of people are online, every second of every day and, from a business point of view, I can tell you that most of them are window-shopping. Probably without even realising they're doing it, but they are and if you're not on there offering a window to look through then you are missing out unnecessarily.

The best bit? You already have everything you need to do it well. Like with all things, you just need to someone to show you how to do it or simply just do it for you.

I offer social media channel management and content creation for your business​...that’s the short version.

I also make a commitment to donate a percentage of my monthly profits to deserving causes in the UK. Normally Mary Stevens Hospice or the MS Society due to the incredible impact both charities have had on my life.

I am a firm believer in social responsibility and doing what you can if you are privileged to be in such a position, so thank you in advance for supporting small business and, in turn, for the incredible, vital charity work you will make possible.​

If you think i can help you with your social media, email me on or call me on 07800 920 629 and I'll buy you a coffee!

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